The project team has developed a safe and efficient, modern design that also includes improvements to critical local roadways while minimizing the costs and impacts.

  • Core: four level system interchange
  • Six service interchanges: North Avenue, Watertown Plank Road, Bluemound Road, 84th Street, WIS 100, Greenfield Avenue
  • Major roadways: WIS 100, Watertown Plank Road, Glenview Avenue

The design of the Zoo Interchange:

  • Required less property acquisition than the previously considered design alternatives, therefore having less of an impact on the local tax base.
  • Reduced the projected construction cost by $600 million from previously considered design alternatives.
  • Provided efficient movement for existing and future traffic at the Watertown Plank Road interchange. Watertown Plank Road carries much of the traffic for the Milwaukee Regional Medical Center (the Level One trauma center serving eastern Wisconsin), the Milwaukee County Research Park, and facilitates travel to the new UWM facilities.
  • Improved safety and efficiency on adjacent roadways including WIS 100, Bluemound Road, Watertown Plank Road and Glenview Avenue/84th Street.
  • Provided a cost effective solution for additional lanes in the east/west direction.

The project has been responsive to public input received since the beginning of the corridor study in 2007. Public input has been essential to the development and refinement of design alternatives and construction operations.


Zoo Interchange - Existing Core
      Previous core of the Zoo Interchange (looking northeast)