Wisconsin 511 Projects Home

The Wisconsin 511 Construction Projects home page provides an overview of the website, and the map of the five WisDOT Regions includes an indicator of how many project sites are in that Region.  Select a Region by either clicking on its name in the left menu or on the shaded area of the map.

Header and Footer

The header provides links to Wisconsin DOT and traveler information resources.  The ‘Contact Us’ link will provide you with an email address and a form to submit feedback about the site.  There also also links to the main Wisconsin 511 website, the Wisconsin 511 personalization site (My 511wi), and the main Wisconsin DOT website. The footer of every page has the same links as the header, plus links for Feedback (same as the Contact Us form), a Disclaimer, and the 511 Privacy Policy, which is a copy of that found on the main Wisconsin 511 site.

Individual Project Sites

Please note that not all pages listed below will be available for all projects. Page availability may depend on whether certain data, like travel times, are available for a project area or project phase. A construction project may also add informational pages that are not included in this list. For questions or help with any of the construction project pages, please refer to the contact information listed on the Resources page in the ‘Contact Us’ section.


The Overview page provides an introduction and brief overview of the construction project, and it often includes an overview map or other image.  Click the Full Overview button or one of the horizontal navigation tabs for more information about the project.  Some projects may also include bits of additional information on this page, usually with links to explore further.


The Map page provides an interactive and real-time map of traffic incidents, lane closures, message signs, traffic cameras, and other information within the construction project area. If available, the map will also show traffic speeds and winter road conditions.  These are real-time conditions and match what is shown on the main 511 website, although what is displayed is limited to the general project area defined by the box that you see.

The map may also provide additional information specific to the construction project, like locations of community sensitive design or the extents of different phases of the project. Each of these map layers can be turned on and off in the map legend. To view detailed information about a feature on the map, just click on it.

Panning and zooming is done just like other web maps.  With your mouse, click and drag to pan, and to zoom try double clicking or use your wheel.  There are also +/- zoom buttons in the upper left.  The legend may be hidden or restored using the small arrow button in the upper right.

Travel Times or Closures

These two tabs provide a table view of all travel time segments and closures along or near the project. Visitors can sort the information by any of the columns shown by clicking on the column header.  There is a dropdown option to show more than the default 10 items in the table.  The Search box allows for very quick filtering of the items displayed.

Other Pages

Individual projects may have any number of other pages of information available, such as a media gallery, news, resources, schedules, a place to sign up for updates, contact information, and more.

Contact Us

Let us know of any other questions or suggestions via the Contact Us page.