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Northeast Region Winter 2022/2023 Highway Construction Advisory

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) Northeast Region provides a recap of all projects with construction operations slated for Winter 2022/2023. It details anticipated winter construction activities, schedules and traffic impacts. Please see individual project construction websites for up-to-date project construction information.

The Northeast Region Weekly Highway Construction Update will begin again in spring 2023.

The NE Region consists of 11 counties: Brown, Calumet, Door, Fond du Lac, Kewaunee, Manitowoc, Marinette, Oconto, Outagamie, Sheboygan, and Winnebago. Below is a list of public resources available for construction, work zone and traffic impact information.

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WIS 96 Resurfacing

Location/limits: WIS 96 in Brown County from WIS 32 in the town Wrightstown to I-43 in the town of New Denmark

Length: 14.7 Miles

Cost: $12.8 million

Schedule: August 2022 to summer 2023. There will be a pause in construction until paving operations can begin in early Summer 2023.

Description of work: The existing asphalt roadway will be recycled in place with a new asphalt driving surface placed after recycling the existing pavement. In addition to the asphaltic overlay, drainage improvements will be performed along the length of the project. This will include replacement of the box culvert between County X and Ronk Road with a new single span bridge structure in addition to several culvert pipe replacements. Rumble strips and pavement markings will also be installed.

Winter 2022/23: No work or traffic impacts until project resumes in spring of 2023.

Project website:




US 41 Resurfacing

Location/limits: US 41 from Norfield Road to US 141 within the town of Little Suamico, town of Abrams, and the village of Suamico.

Length: 9.1 miles

Schedule: August 2022 to summer 2023.

Cost: $17.14 Million

Description of work: The work consisted of grading for guard rail, milling of asphalt surface, asphalt pavement overlay, gravel shouldering, pavement base patching, concrete pavement repair and replacement, replacing culvert pipe, a new overhead sign structure, storm sewer, upgrading guardrail, landscaping, rumble strips and pavement marking.

Winter 2022/23: No work or traffic impacts until project resumes in spring of 2023.

Project website:




I-43 Resurfacing, Ramp and Bridge Work

Location/limits: I-43 from WIS 310 in Manitowoc County to WIS 96 in Brown County, including all interchanges in the project work zone, and the bridge deck on WIS 96 over I-43 in the village of Denmark

Length: 15.5 miles

Cost: $24 million

Schedule: March 7, 2022 to June 2023. There will be a pause in construction until the planting operations can begin in Spring 2023 for the Living Fence.

Description of work: Construction includes a bridge deck overlay on WIS 96 over I-43, bridge repair on Rockwood Road over I-43, concrete repairs of existing I-43, milling of existing asphalt and paving in new asphalt, removal and replacement of existing wire woven fence, planting of living snow fence and pavement marking.

Winter 2022/23: Crews prepare for living fence installation for spring planting along southbound I-43. Winter shutdown anticipated to begin December 2, 2022.

Project website:




I-41 Resurfacing 

Location/limits: Northbound and southbound I-41 from the Fond du Lac south county line in the town of Byron to US 151 in city of Fond du Lac. Work also includes the County B interchange.

Length: 6.75 miles

Cost: $8.5 million

Schedule: August 2022 to December 2022

Description of work: Construction includes asphalt milling, asphalt paving, cable guard replacement, beam guard replacement, shouldering, and pavement marking.

December 2022: Final installation of cable barrier. Project will finish December 2022.

Traffic impacts: I-41 mainline single lane closures at various locations.

Project website: In-week updates available at


WIS 23 Expansion – Urban Section

Location/limits: WIS 23 and various intersecting local roads between US 151 and Seven Hills Road

Length: 5.59 miles

Cost: $35 million

Schedule: April 19, 2021 to December 2022

Description of work: This work is part of the WIS 23 4-lane, on-alignment expansion project scheduled for 2019-2022 in Sheboygan and Fond du Lac counties. This west section of the overall project includes the complete construction of additional lanes. Work involves grading, drainage culverts and inlets, aggregate base, concrete pavement, and other incidentals items of work. This project includes construction of a roundabout at WIS 23 and Wisconsin American Drive, a jug handle interchange with roundabouts at WIS 23 and County K including two WIS 23 bridges over County K. At WIS 23 and County UU, a diamond interchange with roundabouts including a bridge over WIS 23 will be constructed. Northbound and southbound ramp widening and new retaining wall at US 151 and WIS 23 interchange.

December 2022: Crews will continue to install fencing, pavement marking and signing.

Traffic impacts: Various lane closures on WIS 23 for finishing work.

Project website:




Little Suamico River Bridge

Location/limits: I-41 Southbound at Little Suamico River Bridge Crossing

Length: 0.11 miles

Cost: $1.47 million

Schedule: November 7, 2022 to May 2023

Description of work: This work is to re-deck the I-41 southbound bridge over the Little Suamico River.

Winter 2022/23: The contractor will work on concrete barrier, saw-cutting, and milling in preparation for redecking of bridge. Construction on the new deck for the Little Suamico River Bridge will continue throughout the winter months completing the median lane side then switching to the outside lane of the bridge.

Traffic impacts: Southbound I-41 will be reduced to one lane between November 28, 2022 and mid-January 2023 between County S and the Little Suamico River Bridge.

  • Motorists should expect delays during peak travel times.

Project website:




WIS 15 Bypass Reconstruction/Expansion

Location/limits: WIS 15 from CN Railroad to County JJ in the towns of Hortonia and Ellington and the village of Hortonville

Length of project: 3.6 miles

Schedule: June 2021 through December 2022

Cost: $24.7 million (initial contract)

Description of work: This work is part of the WIS 15 4-lane, off-alignment expansion project scheduled for 2021-2024 in Outagamie County. This initial contract (one of five) will complete the bypass portion. Work involves grading, base, landfill waste removal, culvert pipe, storm sewer, asphalt pavement, concrete curb and gutter, pavement marking, finishing, landscaping, bridge/drainage structures, retaining walls and incidental items. Construction of eastbound and westbound bridges over Wis. Central Railroad, Black Otter Creek, County M and Nash Street. Retaining walls along the east side of the Wis. Central railroad at the abutments and under and along the east and west abutments at County M and Nash Street. Grading of the new roadway alignment and placing of select crushed and base aggregate material to the roadway elevations for the future paving contract. Erosion control as needed. County M bridge piling began on the west side of the roadway.

December 2022: Finish woven fence installation.

Traffic impacts: None

Project website:


WIS 15 East Segment Reconstruction and Expansion

Location/limits: WIS 15 from County JJ in the village of Hortonville to Lily of the Valley Dr. in the village of Greenville

Length: 3.6 miles

Cost: $20.8 million

Schedule: April 1, 2022 to November 2023

Description of work: This work is part of the WIS 15 4-lane expansion project scheduled for 2022-2023 in Outagamie County. This contract will complete the east segment. Work involves grading, base, culvert pipe, storm sewer, asphalt pavement, concrete pavement, concrete curb and gutter, pavement marking, finishing, landscaping, large drainage structures, and incidental items.

WINTER 2022/23: Most construction will pause for winter and restart in spring of 2023.  The work continuing throughout the winter will include constructing the second stage of the box culvert west of County JJ.  Crews will also crush pavement removed from the old roadway to construct the new roadway next year.

Winter 2022/23 traffic patterns

  • Julius Drive to the north is closed until westbound lanes are completed in the 2023 construction season.
  • Manley Road to the south closed through the 2023 construction season.
  • Westbound outside lane of WIS 15 closed between Lily of the valley and Hyacinth.
  • A display map showing Winter 2022/23 traffic patterns is available on the project website below.

Project website:


WIS 47 Resurfacing

Location/limits: WIS 47 from County JJ in town of Grand Chute to County B in town of Black Creek

Length: 10.1 miles

Schedule: July 11, 2022 to December 2022

Cost: $7.6 million

Description of work: Asphaltic surface milling, hot mix asphalt pavement, replacement of culvert pipes and the construction of a box structure.

December 2022: Final culvert lining. Contractor expects materials in December 2022.

Traffic impacts: Various lane closures during lining operations.

Project website:




Racine Street Bridge Replacement

Location/limits: Fox River Bridge and approaches, city of Menasha

Length: On-bridge

Cost: $33 million

Schedule: October 13, 2020 to December 2022

Description of work: Work includes replacing the existing bridge with a new, two-lane drawbridge (movable span) on a slightly different alignment (just east of existing location). It also includes new roundabouts at the Racine Street intersections with Main Street on the north side of the river and Ahnaip Street on the south side of the river.

Winter 2022/23: Crew installing final bearing and couplings that assist the lowering and raising of bridge. Following installation, the bridge will open to traffic. This is expected by mid-December 2022. Minor work remains for spring 2023 to balance the lift span.

Traffic impacts: Bridge CLOSED through mid-December 2022.

Detour: 3rd Street (WIS 114) to Tayco Street to Nicolet Blvd to Ahnaip Street

  • For complete staging and traffic impacts, please see the project website.

Waterway Navigation Impacts: U.S. Coast Guard will announce changes in the Local Notice to Mariners and via a Broadcast Notice to Mariners. A link is available on the project website.

Project website: