US 12/Baraboo Bypass

US 12, I-90/94 (Lake Delton) to Ski Hi Rd. (south of Baraboo), in Sauk County.

North section

Aerial photo of the Fern Dell roundabout looking SE.


Construction completed 2011 and roadway open to traffic.

Project location

US 12, I-90/94 (just north of Fern Dell Rd.) south to Terrytown Rd., in Sauk County.

Project overview

The project involves 5.7 miles of a four-lane bypass.

Interchanges constructed near Fern Dell Rd., at North Reedsburg Rd. and at WIS 33.

New US 12 passes over Fern Dell Rd., North Reedsburg Rd. and Terrytown Rd. and passes under Shady Ln., WIS 33 and Old WIS 33.