WIS 172 - Brown County

Box Culvert Replacement

Project Overview


Project improvement (Project IDs 1210-17-00/1210-18-00: Airport to WIS 54)

This website lists construction scope, schedule, and traffic impacts for improvements on WIS 172 in 2024 between the airport and WIS 54 in Brown County.

Project Location

Project purpose and need

The purpose of the project is to address deteriorating pavement and drainage structure conditions, extend the roadway’s service life, and maintain drainage.

Project improvements

This is a resurface-level improvement project on the 2.3 miles of WIS 172 between WIS 54 and the airport in 2024. Improvements include:

  • Resurfacing mainline WIS 172 (mill and overlay)
  • Removing the steel arch culvert pipe between WIS 54 and S Overland Road and constructing a new box culvert
    • This will require a long-term closure of WIS 172 at the culvert work site.
  • Frost heave repair
  • Pavement markings
  • Shoulder rumble strips
  • Shoulder aggregate

Construction schedule:

  • Construction begins June 17, 2024.
  • Construction is expected to finish in October of 2024.

Traffic impacts

WIS 172 Detour Route

WIS 172 will be closed to traffic for approximately two months starting in mid-June 2024 while the culvert structure near WIS 54 is removed and replaced. ​

Access will remain OPEN to businesses and properties in the closed portion of WIS 172.

WIS 172 will also be closed to traffic at County GE for up to one week while the roundabout is being milled/paved. The detour will be the same as the detour above.

  • During mainline resurfacing, the roadway will be open to traffic. Motorists can expect to encounter lane closures and flagging operations.

Project benefits
Resurfacing provides smoother driving lanes for motorists, extends the life of the highway, and decreases maintenance costs. The new structure will extend the service life of the culvert and decrease future maintenance costs.

Temporary business signing

If business access is impacted by a closure or detour, temporary business signing may be placed by filling out a WisDOT business signing permit. All temporary business signing needs approval via the permit before placement to ensure it is in a safe location and does not pose a visual distraction or traffic hazard. The temporary business signing permit is free. Costs associated with creating the temporary sign are the responsibility of the business. The permit is available as a fillable-form WORD document or pdf below, or you can request one from the project contacts below.

Please email or mail the free permit to any of the contacts below.  For more information regarding temporary signing, plus tips and tools for businesses impacted by highway construction, please visit WisDOT’s In This Together business resource website.

Project contacts

A construction field office and an on-site construction engineer will be available during construction. Please contact the construction project leader with any in-construction related questions.

Onsite construction engineer

Brad Gregorius, P.E.
Email: brad.gregorius@westwoodps.com
Phone (920) 213-6815

Onsite construction field office – TBA

For project design questions, please contact the WisDOT Project Manager.

WisDOT WIS 172 Project Manager

Joshua Lang, P.E.
Wisconsin Department of Transportation
944 Vanderperren Way
Green Bay, WI 54304
(920) 492-4141