TRAINING - WIS 82, County B to Marquette County Line

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Project Overview

This project is a pavement  replacement. This section of WIS 82 was first constructed in 1941. Since then, multiple overlays have been placed over the original asphalt surface, including a concrete overlay in 2001. The atypical pavement structure of concrete over asphalt is now showing many signs of deterioration, including corner breaks, cracks, spalls, and shifting between slabs. There are also a large number of asphalt patches in the concrete due to the many maintenance repairs in recent years.

This project will remove the existing concrete pavement, remove all the asphalt and gravel, place new gravel, and pave a new concrete pavement. The end product will be a pavement structure similar to the pavements used for interstate highways. Other improvements will include replacement of guardrails, replacement of curb & gutter, and widening of the paved shoulder between County G north and County G south. This shoulder widening will provide improved bicycle accommodations.