WIS 441 Tri-County Project

Tri-County Expansion



Current closures for construction on the WIS 441 Tri-County Expansion Project:

WIS 441 Tri-County Construction overall

Construction is just one step in the process. The preliminary engineering plans were completed in fall 2012. Final design was completed in 2013, followed by substantial construction activities along the corridor beginning in 2014. The WIS 441 Project construction timeline for individual interchanges, Roland Kampo Bridge, and I-41 and WIS 441 mainline are separated into different construction periods to provide the highest degree of safety for workers and least impactful travel delays for motorists.

  • No two consecutive interchanges will be closed at the same time
  • The new southern bridge will be built first, then the old bridge reconstructed
  • Nighttime closures of ramps will be most frequent to minimize travel impacts
  • At least one lane of travel will be provided on WIS 441 and I-41

The schedule for the entire 441 project is developed years in advance, but is contingent on biannual funding. To view the entire project timeline for all staging areas, click on the link or map below.

WIS 441 Project Improvements Timeline








To view construction impacts and road closures for the current week, please see our weekly closure report.

Public outreach

Detailed staging-area maps, handouts, displays and PowerPoint presentations were presented to the public during public involvement meetings (PIM). To view any of the material presented at the PIMs, please visit the Meetings page and find the specific location you would like to see.