WIS 19 intersections (US 151, Thompson Street, Davidson Drive)

Sun Prairie, Dane County

Project Overview

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) is proposing safety improvements along WIS 19 at the US 151 interchange as well as at the Thompson Street intersection and Davidson Drive intersection in Sun Prairie in Dane County.

The project will reduce the overall number and severity of crashes along WIS 19 at the US 151 interchange; and to better accommodate turning lane capacity and large truck turning movements in an effort to minimize impacts to through traffic. The project is needed to reduce high-speed angle crashes.

Thompson Street intersection and Davidson Drive intersection improvements:

  • Improvements to the ADA ramps.
  • Pavement repair at the intersections of Thompson Street and Davison Drive.

Improvements along WIS 19 between Lois Drive and Davison Drive:

  • Pavement repair at the US 151 & WIS 19 interchange.
  • The existing traffic signal poles located along the side of the roadway will be replaced with signal heads above each lane.
    • ​Overhead signals offer drivers a better visual and understanding of the lanes to aid in their safe navigation through the intersection.
    • A protected left turn movement will be included in the signal phasing that restricts opposing traffic from entering the intersection while left turns are being made.​
  • Left turn lanes along WIS 19 will be lengthened to provide more storage for vehicles waiting to turn left. Longer turn lanes will allow vehicles waiting to turn left to be​ removed from the path of through traffic.
  • The southbound US 151 ramp terminal will be evaluated to determine if improvements are needed to better accommodate large truck turning movements onto WIS 19.