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June 11, 2021

Northwest Region Construction Update
The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) provides weekly updates on road construction projects in the following counties in northwest Wisconsin: Ashland, Barron, Bayfield, Buffalo, Burnett, Chippewa, Clark, Douglas, Dunn, Eau Claire, Jackson, Pepin, Pierce, Polk, Rusk, St. Croix, Sawyer, Taylor, Trempealeau and Washburn counties.

Northwest Region Pavement Marking
Location: Ashland, Buffalo, Douglas, Dunn, Eau Claire, Jackson, Pepin, Pierce, Polk, Rusk, St. Croix, Taylor, Trempealeau and Washburn counties
Schedule: May 17 to October
Cost: $1.04 million
Description: Completing longline marking of centerlines and edge lines and special marking of words, arrows, stop bars, diagonals, curbs and crosswalks.
Traffic impacts: Motorists can expect moving lane restrictions on:

  • WIS 25 from the Pepin-Pierce County line to US 63 in Hager City.
  • WIS 128 from WIS 72 in Elmwood to the Pierce-St. Croix County line.

Ashland County
County GG
Location: South count line to Elf Road/FR 173
Schedule: June 1 to early July
Cost: $1.45 million
Description: Resurfacing the road and widening the guardrail.
Traffic impacts: Traffic on Highway GG is reduced to one lane controlled by flagging operations during daytime hours.

Bayfield County
Highway: US 2
Location: County A in the town of Iron River to County E in the town of Keystone
Schedule: May 19 to August
Cost: $8.07 million
Description: Resurfacing the highway, repairing storm sewers, cleaning culverts, resetting culvert ends, replacing guardrail and a portion of curb and gutter, marking pavement and clearing the roadside.
Traffic impacts: Traffic east of Iron River will encounter lane closures controlled by flagging operations.

Chippewa County
WIS 178
Location: WIS 178 (Seymour Cray Sr. Boulevard)/County I
Schedule: Jun 7 – August
Cost: $462,305
Description: Converting the existing left-turn lane from northbound WIS 178 to County I to a dual lane and creating additional storage for turning vehicles outside the through lanes; reconfiguring the existing traffic signals; making minor revisions to the pedestrian refuge islands for improved truck turning movements in the northwest quadrant and improved approach angles in the southwest quadrant; and making minor improvements to curb ramps.
Traffic impacts:

  • The right southbound WIS 78 lane is be closed, but all turning movements remain open.
  • The right eastbound County I lane is closed as is the right turn onto southbound WIS 178.
  • Traffic on eastbound County I wanting to turn right onto WIS 178 will turn left onto northbound WIS 178 and make a U-turn at the roundabout at WIS 178 and County S to head south on WIS 178.
  • A portion of the Old Abe Trail along WIS 178 north of the Chippewa River is will be detoured using Lakeland Drive.

Clark County
Fairview Avenue
Location: East fork of Halls Creek Bridge
Schedule: April 20, 2020 to May 2021
Cost: $295,447
Description: Replacing the bridge.
Traffic impacts: Fairview Avenue is closed in the project limits.

Douglas County
US 53
Location: Kent Road in the town of Hawthorne to County C in the town of Amnicon
Schedule: June 1 to August
Cost: $7.58 million
Description: Resurfacing the road, realigning the median approaches at Middle River Road, installing an overhead sign structure on southbound US 52 before the US 2 exit, rehabilitating culvert pipes and replacing guardrail and pavement markings.
Traffic impacts: US 53 is reduced to a single lane in each direction, and the speed limit has been reduced from 65 mph to 55 mph. in the work zone.

Highway: US 2/53 (East 2nd Street)
Location: Between 29th Avenue East and 53rd Avenue East, city of Superior
Schedule: April 5 to October
Cost: $4.98 million
Description: Repairing spot locations of concrete pavement, resurfacing East 2nd Street by grinding the concrete surface and overlaying it with asphalt, replacing traffic signals at 39th Avenue East, rehabilitating the Nemadji River and Bluff Creek structures, upgrading and installing curb ramps at pedestrian crossings and making spot repairs to sidewalk panels.
Traffic impacts:

  • Traffic is reduced to a single lane in each direction, with motorists driving on the inside east- and westbound lanes.
  • The speed limit in the construction zone has been reduced to 25 mph.

Highway: WIS 35
Location: WIS 35 (Tower Avenue)/WIS 105 (Central Avenue/North 61st Street) intersection, city of Superior
Schedule: May 3 to August
Cost: $739,126.
Description: Adding traffic signals at the intersection, reconfiguring lanes, constructing median islands, reconstructing sidewalk curb ramps and adding two parking spots on WIS 35.
Traffic impacts:

  • The southbound lane and shoulder of WIS 35 (Tower Avenue) closed June 7, and traffic has been shifted to the northbound side. Lanes are restricted to a width of 12 feet.
  • East- and westbound WIS 105 traffic is being routed to Albany Avenue and North 58th Street as part of work being done by the city of Superior.

Dunn County
WIS 85
Location: Rock Creek Bridge in Rock Falls
Schedule: May 3 to September
Cost: $1.9 million.
Description: Removing the Rock Creek Dam, replacing the Rock Creek Bridge and replacing the asphaltic roadway approaches to the bridge.
Traffic impacts: WIS 85 is closed to traffic. Detour: WIS 37 and US 10.

Dunn and St. Croix counties
Location: Between Hudson and Menomonie near Knapp
Schedule: March 25, 2019 to July 2021
Cost: $57.5 million
Description: Removing and replacing concrete pavement and six structures, grading, marking pavement and installing beam guard, cable barrier, right-of-way fencing and signing.
Traffic impacts: There will be sporadic lane and shoulder closures on east- and westbound I-94 from County Q to 250th Street during non-peak travel hours.

Highway: WIS 170
Location: Between WIS 128 in Glenwood City in St. Croix County and County D in the Dunn County town of Sherman
Schedule: April 12 to October
Cost: $8.63 million
Description: Milling the existing pavement on WIS 170 from WIS 128 to WIS 79 and overlaying it with asphalt; recycling the existing pavement from WIS 79 to County D and overlaying it with asphalt; reconstructing the intersection of WIS 170 and WIS 79 in Boyceville; rehabilitating the WIS 170 bridge over Tiffany Creek northwest of Downing; replacing or extending culvert pipes or equipping them with end walls; installing traffic signals at the WIS 170 and northbound WIS 79 intersection; increasing the width of paved shoulders along WIS 170 to a minimum of 3 feet; and replacing guardrail.
Traffic impacts: Motorists can expect sporadic single-lane closures controlled by flaggers.

Eau Claire County
County D
Location: Boardwalk Street in Fall Creek to County N in the town of Lincoln
Schedule: April 19 to July
Cost: $1.66 million
Description: Replacing the pavement, curbing, culverts and guardrail and overlaying a structure over Fall Creek and replacing its railing.
Traffic impacts: Traffic is reduced to a single lane controlled by flagging operations.

Highway: County K
Location: Fall Creek Bridge on the north side of Fall Creek.
Schedule: May 17 to Aug. 6.
Cost: $760,535
Description: Replacing the bridge.
Traffic impacts: County K is closed between Mill and East Kopplin roads.
Detour: US 12, County D, County XX and County Q.

Pierce County
WIS 29
Location: Between US 10 in Prescott and Cemetery Road in the city of River Falls
Schedule: May 10 to October
Cost: $12.11 million
Description: Removing and replacing the existing pavement, replacing culverts and guardrail, rehabilitating the bridge over Greenwood Valley Creek, installing centerline and edge line rumble strips between the south junction of County QQ and Cemetery Road and modifying intersections at County E, County FF and Cemetery Road.
Traffic impacts: WIS 29 is closed to through traffic from County F to Cemetery Road.

  • Detour: US 10 and WIS 65.

Pierce and St. Croix counties
WIS 29
Location: Between County CC South west of Spring Valley and WIS 128
Schedule: April 5 to July
Cost: $3.88 million
Description: Milling the existing asphalt, patching the road base and overlaying it with new asphalt; repairing and overlaying the Eau Galle River Bridge; repairing four box culverts in St. Croix County; replacing one culvert in Pierce County; and replacing a retaining wall in Spring Valley.
Traffic impacts: Traffic is restricted to a single lane controlled by flagging operations, and there might be multiple flagging operations during milling and paving.

Polk County
WIS 46 (Keller Avenue)
Location: Snow Street to the York Park entrance, city of Amery
Schedule: May 3 to September
Cost: $1.87 million
Description: Resurfacing WIS 46, reducing the number of traffic lanes to one in each direction with a two-way left-turn lane in the center by adding new lane markings, upgrading traffic signal systems at the intersections of Broadway Street East (County F) and Birch Street to current standards and replacing curb ramps throughout the project limits.
Traffic impacts:

  • WIS 46 is reduced to one lane in each direction from Griffin Street to Wisconsin Avenue.
  • WIS 46 is closed from Broadway Street East (County F) to Hyland Street for a city reconstruction project.
  • Detour: WIS 46, US 63 and US 8.

Rusk County
County G
Location: Jump River Bridge west of Sheldon
Schedule: April 26 to July
Cost: $964,538
Description: Redecking the bridge.
Traffic impacts: County G is closed at the project site.

St. Croix County
US 12
Location: US 12/WIS 128 intersection north of I-94.
Schedule: June 1 to late June
Cost: $828,000
Description: Reconstructing the intersection.
Traffic impacts: The intersection is closed.

  • Detour for US 12: WIS 25 to I-94 to US 63.
  • Detour for WIS 128: WIS 170 to WIS 79 to US 12 to WIS 25 to I-94.
  • Alternative route for I-94: WIS 25 to WIS 29 to US 63.

Highway: WIS 35
Location: Between Front Street in Hudson and North End Road in North Hudson
Schedule: April 26 to late November
Cost: $11.17 million
Description: Repairing concrete, resurfacing or reconstructing WIS 35, rehabilitating the Lake Mallalieu Bridge, replacing storm sewer systems, completing sanitary sewer and water main work, making improvements at the WIS 35 intersection at Coulee Road/Buckeye Street and adding a two-way left-turn lane between Sommers Street North and North End Road.
Traffic impacts: This project will use a combination of staging, lane closures controlled by flaggers and a detour to move WIS 35 traffic during construction.

  • The detour uses I-94, Minnesota Trunk Highways 95 and 36 and WIS 64.
    WIS 35 between Front Street and Coulee Road/Buckeye Street in Hudson is reduced to one lane in each direction.
  • WIS 35 between Coulee Road/Buckeye Street and Vine Street in Hudson has various on-street parking spaces closed off.
  • WIS 35 between Myrtle and Division streets in Hudson is closed to all through traffic.
  • WIS 35 from just south of Monroe Street North to Michaelson Street North in North Hudson is closed to all through traffic.

Trempealeau County
WIS 93
Location: Between Swenson Lane southeast of Arcadia to WIS 35/54 in Centerville
Schedule: April 12 to August.
Cost: $3.99 million
Description: Milling and overlaying the existing pavement between Swenson Lane and WIS 35/54, milling the existing pavement 100 feet east, west and south of the WIS 93/35/54 intersection, installing centerline rumble strips, repairing culverts and cleaning ditches as needed and replacing damaged or outdated guardrail.
Traffic impacts: None until work resumes, which tentatively is set for July 6.

Washburn County
US 53
Location: US 53/WIS 77 intersection in Minong
Schedule: May 3 to late July
Cost: $1.25 million
Description: Reconstructing the existing US 53/WIS 77 intersection as a J-turn, an intersection that reduces conflict points that can lead to crashes at crossings by rerouting left-turning and through traffic from the side road.
Traffic impacts: US 53 will be reduced to one lane in each direction.

Highway: US 53
Location: Between Mackey and Ross roads in the town of Trego
Schedule: March 17, 2021 – November 2022
Cost: $17.65 million
Description: Reconstructing US 53 from Mackey Road to existing US 63, relocating US 63 to closely follow the existing Wild River State Trail and constructing a new grade separated interchange connecting US 53 with realigned US 63, new west frontage road from Mackey Road to County E and turn lanes along US 53 at existing intersections, including Mackey, O’Brien and Ross roads.
Traffic impacts:

  • US 53 is reduced to a single lane in both directions, and the speed limit has been reduced from 65 mph to 55 mph.
  • North- and southbound US 63 lanes are restricted to 13 feet, and the speed limit has been reduced from 55 mph to 45 mph.
  • Temporary signals at the US 53 intersections at County E/Oak Hill Road and US 63 Liesch Road are expected to be activated Monday, June 14.
    • Signals on mainline US 53 will flash yellow.
    • Signals on the side roads will flash red.
    • All signals are anticipated to be placed into full operation the morning of Thursday, June 17.
  • A portion of the Wild Rivers State Trail is being detoured.

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