St. Croix Crossing Loop Trail

Connecting Houlton, Wisconsin and Stillwater, Minnesota via a 5-mile trail system


See the “What to Expect” document on the “Full Overview” page for additional details.

June 11, 2018 – Three Week Look Ahead Schedule

Spring 2018
Currently, the Loop Trail is open from south of the pedestrian underpass to the new bridge. Trail users will park in the Park and Ride lot and access the Loop Trail from the connecting trail. Trail open to bicycle and pedestrian use only. Barricades are in place to prevent cars and trucks from driving on the trail. 
Once construction begins in Spring 2018, trail users will park in the snow storage site and use a temporary trail to access the Loop Trail while the Park and Ride and connecting trail are completed.

The loop trail in Wisconsin will have improvements made starting Friday, May 4, 2018. Construction work will continue on the trail through next week. Please be patient as we make improvements to the trail and surrounding areas. The contractor will work with the public to keep the path accessible and passable.

The Park and Ride lot has been repaved and is now open to the public. Please use this and the connecting bicycle/pedestrian trail to access the loop. The snow storage area will be closed off to parking. Please do not park in the future Main Trailhead site or the Houlton Elementary School parking lots to access the loop.

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Summer 2018
Trail users will continue to access the Loop Trail south of the pedestrian underpass to the new bridge from the Park and Ride lot. The Main Trailhead parking lot and trail connecting the parking lot to the pedestrian underpass, including the pedestrian underpass will be open by July 4. At this time, trail users will have two options for accessing the trail: via the Main Trailhead lot and via the Park and Ride lot.
Other work to be completed in the summer and fall of 2018 include:

  • Completion of the Main Trailhead
  • Completion of Hilltop Trailhead, including parking lot
  • Completion of the Loop Trail from the pedestrian underpass at WIS 35 to the Stillwater Lift Bridge
  • Realignment of Hilltop Drive
  • Abandonment of old County E west of State and Rainbow Streets
  • Repairing, milling, and repaving local roads including Main Street, Houlton School Circle, and Hilltop Drive
  • Landscaping consisting of planting trees, shrubs and various types of grasses, including prairie mixes

October 2018
Construction is complete and the Loop Trail is open with the exception of the hill to the Lift Bridge.

Summer 2019
The Lift Bridge Conversion project will be completed; the entire Loop Trail will be fully opened.