I-94 North-South Freeway Project

27th Street Interchange

Elm Road Access Changes

The freeway ramps to/from I-94 at 27th Street were permanently closed as a part of the reconstruction of I-94. They are being replaced with a new full access interchange to/from I-94 at Elm Road.

The new Elm Road interchange will be approximately a half mile north of the 27th Street interchange to avoid impacts to the Root River environmental corridor and improve spacing with the Seven Mile Road interchange.

With the removal of the I-94 ramps at 27th Street, a free flow connection was built between West Frontage Road and 27th Street. The new free flow connection was part of the reconstruction of 27th Street between the Milwaukee County line and north of Elm Road.

• 27th Street access to/from I-94 was closed mid-October 2018 and will not reopen.
• Elm Road bridge, over I-94, was constructed.
• I-94 mainline, under Elm Road, was constructed.
• Elm Road, between 27th Street and I-94 EAST (SB) entrance/exit ramps to be constructed.
• I-94 EAST (SB) and I-94 WEST (NB) entrance/exit ramps to be constructed.
• Elm Road will be accessible when the full interchange is completed in late spring.
• Final project restoration will take place.