WIS 20/83 Waterford

Racine County

Project Overview

Project Location

WIS 20/83 (Main Street / 1st Street / Beck Street) – from Buena Park Road to WIS 36

What to Expect

  • Main Street – from Milwaukee Street to Jefferson Street – will remain open to traffic by being reconstructed in stages. This includes reconstructing the bridge over the Fox River in phases to help keep it open at all times. With this segment open, it will help connect motorists to nearby local streets on both sides of the river. A “No Parking” restriction will be in effect along this portion of the project.
  • Main Street – from Jefferson Street to Buena Park Road – will be CLOSED TO THROUGH TRAFFIC.
  • 1st Street/Beck Drive – from Main Street to WIS 36 – will be CLOSED TO THROUGH TRAFFIC.
  • Access for local residents and businesses will be maintained throughout the project.


  • County W (Buena Park Road and Front Street) <–> County D (Main Street) <–> WIS 36


  • January 2019 – Bridge work began
  • March 2019 – Road work began
  • Late Fall 2019 – Anticipated Project Completion

Additional Information

For more information on the project and nearby construction, please visit the village of Waterford’s webpages below: