I-43 Bridges Project, Milwaukee County

Project overview

2015 PROJECT UPDATE: Construction on the I-43 Bridges Rehabilitation Project will continue beginning January 2015.

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2015 construction will include:

  1. Bridge rehabilitation at the Northbound I-43 Exit Ramp Bridge over Becher Street, Greenfield Avenue, Lapham Boulevard, Chase Avenue, and Howard Ave
  2. Roadway paving at the Southbound Lapham Blvd exit ramp
  3. Roadway paving at the Becher St/Lapham Blvd Northbound entrance and exit ramps
  4. Roadway paving at the Howard Avenue Southbound entrance and exit ramps
  5. Bridge painting of the Valley Bridge from National Avenue to Canal Street
  6. Bridge painting of Lincoln Ave, Maple St, Mitchell St, and Greenfield Ave over I-43/94
  7. Under-deck bridge repair at the Valley Bridge

Long-term closures anticipated during 2015 construction season include:

  1. Greenfield Avenue between 5th St. and 4th St.
  2. Lapham Boulevard between 5th St. and 4th St.
  3. Chase Avenue between 5th St. and 4th St.
  4. Lapham Boulevard Northbound exit ramp
  5. Lapham Boulevard Southbound exit ramp
  6. Single lane closures on Howard Avenue over I-43/94
  7. No left turn restrictions on Howard Ave to/from the I-43/94 interchange ramps
  8. Howard Avenue Northbound exit ramp
  9. Howard Avenue Southbound entrance ramp
  10. Howard Avenue Southbound exit ramp

For the latest closure and construction schedule information, visit the project web site at http://projects.511wi.gov/ and click on the "I-43 Bridges Project" quick link.

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This four-mile project will rehabilitate bridges both on and over I-43 in Milwaukee County, from Howard Avenue (just north of the Mitchell Interchange) to the Valley Bridge (just south of the Marquette Interchange).

This stretch of I-43 serves as an important link between the Mitchell Interchange and Marquette Interchange, and is a major regional route for tourism, special events, and commerce. Bridge rehabilitation work is required in this area so this vital link can be maintained, especially in advance of upcoming construction on the Zoo Interchange and Hoan Bridge projects.

We ask for your patience as we undertake several large infrastructure improvement projects planned in this area over the next two years.