Roundabout Overview

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) will incorporate roundabouts at key locations within the I-39/90 expansion project.

Recent studies show that roundabouts provide a safe and efficient traffic flow when compared with other intersection designs.

Safety statistics from a 2011 UW Traffic Operations and Safety Laboratory Study highlight that Wisconsin roundabouts provide a:

  • 52 percent reduction in fatal or injury crashes;
  • 9 percent decrease in crashes; and
  • Zero fatalities.


Click on the YouTube video to learn about the safety and efficiency of modern roundabouts, and the proper way motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians should use these types of circular intersections.


Click on the below images to learn more about roundabouts, their benefits and how to navigate a roundabout.

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Navigating a roundabout - choose your lane      Navigating a roundabout - always yield to traffic in roundabout
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