Zoo Interchange Project

Zoo Interchange Core Area

Find out more about the construction impacts that will affect the Zoo Interchange Core area!

The Zoo Interchange E-S (I-94 westbound to I-41/894 southbound), W-N (I-94 eastbound to I-41 northbound), and N-E (I-41 southbound to I-94 eastbound) system ramps are currently closed. These long-term closures are helping to facilitate construction of the new interchange. The Zoo Interchange W-N and N-E system ramps are expected to reopen by Memorial Day weekend and the E-S system ramp is expected to remain closed through late 2017 as the new Zoo Interchange system ramps as well as the I-894, I-41, and I-94 roadways are constructed.

The I-41/894 northbound to I-94 westbound system ramp reopened to traffic on the morning of November 25th. The I-41/894 northbound to I-94 westbound system ramp will not have access to the WIS 100 exit ramp until late 2017. Until that time, motorists on I-41/894 northbound wishing to utilize the WIS 100 exit ramp should exit at Greenfield Avenue and continue west to WIS 100.

Check out the current closures and detour routes on the project Detour Routes and Alternate Routes page!