Zoo Interchange Project

Traffic switch on I-94 westbound occurred November 13th!

A traffic switch occurred the night of Monday, November 13th, on I-94 westbound from 70th Street to the Zoo Interchange. As part of this switch, several changes will took place:

  • I-94 westbound becomes four lanes of traffic from 70th Street to the Zoo Interchange
  • The Zoo Interchange E-N (I-94 westbound to I-41 northbound) System Ramp will open on its new permanent bridge to two lanes of traffic instead of one
  • The 84th Street entrance ramp to I-94 westbound (which currently only has access to I-41 northbound) will fully close as early as the morning of Saturday, November 11th. This ramp will remain closed through late 2017 at which point it will regain access to I-94 westbound only

Check out this project update for more information!