WIS 54/73, Wisconsin Rapids

Wisconsin Rapids, Second Avenue South, Gaynor Avenue to WIS 13

Project Overview

Along WIS 54, the westbound roadway narrows from two lanes to one lane between WIS 13 and Woodbine Street.  Because of this lane configuration, northbound to westbound left-turning traffic along WIS 13 is not effectively using the dual, left-turn lanes at the signalized intersection with WIS 54 (64% right and 36% left). The driver’s expectation at this location is causing traffic to back up on WIS 13 and the traffic backs ups are also leading to crashes.

To solve these problems the following improvements will be made:

• Partial reconstruction/widening of WIS 54/73 to provide two westbound/southbound lanes from the Gaynor Avenue roundabout to Woodbine Street

• Traffic signal timing upgrades at WIS 13/54/73 to optimize traffic movements through the intersection

• Pavement marking and signing improvements along WIS 54/73 between Gaynor Avenue and Woodbine Street to improve traffic movements entering the 17th/Gaynor Avenue roundabout