WIS 50 Reconstruction

117th Avenue to 43rd Avenue - Kenosha County

Project Overview

WIS 50 is a major east-west route serving Kenosha County communities. Over 60 percent of the traffic on the corridor is for local destinations.

The project included:

  • Widening the roadway from four to six lanes between 117th and 57th avenues (3.6 miles).
  • Reconstructing the existing four-lane road between 57th and 43rd avenues (0.8 miles).
  • Implementing access management measures, including driveway and median modifications.
  • Providing more capacity at local road intersections.
  • Improving access road connections.
  • Adding sidewalk and bicycle accommodations throughout.
The WIS 50 corridor improvements were needed to address:
  • Mobility, safety, and access needs
  • Insufficient mainline lane capacity
  • Deteriorating pavement and bridge structures
  • Substandard mainline and intersection geometrics
  • Oversized/overweight (OSOW) truck route
  • Major commercial corridor