WIS 49 Pavement Replacement

Pavement Replacement, Green Lake & Waushara Counties

Project Overview

The pavement will be replaced with new asphalt along the highway, and at the intersections, using two pavement replacement processes:

  • Cold-in-place recycling (South Street to Forest Ridge Road), which uses a portion of the existing pavement structure. The process is most effective in areas with poor soil conditions.
  • Pulverize and relay (Forest Ridge Road to just north of WIS 23), which uses the old pavement for the base prior to applying new asphalt.

Both processes are equal in cost and effectiveness. Other improvements include:

  • Replacing the substandard guardrails
  • Replacing deteriorated culverts and lining others to improve service life
  • Lengthening the climbing lane transitions
  • Installing new pavement marking and signing
  • Installing center line rumble strips to improve safety

The improvements will provide a smoother ride, improve drainage, and maximize the life of the current pavement structure.