WIS 441 Tri-County Project

Tri-County Expansion

Previous studies

In 2004, WisDOT completed a long-range study looking at the US 10/WIS 441 expansion.

The 10/441 Expansion study evaluated the impacts of expanding US 10/WIS 441 from four to six lanes and upgrading interchanges between County CB and Oneida Street. In addition, the Expansion study also looked at the possible construction of a parallel bridge across Little Lake Butte des Morts.

Improvements investigated

WisDOT investigated short-term and long-term improvements along the corridor based on a 2007 safety study of US 10/WIS 441.

Short-term improvements along US 10/WIS 441 that were part of a 2010 improvement project:

  • Auxiliary lanes along both sides of US 10/WIS 441 between County P and County AP
  • Improvements to the US 10/WIS 441 westbound entrance ramp at the County P interchange
  • Flattening of some steep slopes within the County P interchange
  • Improvements to overhead signing
  • Upgrading of impact attenuators at some sign bridges

Long-term improvements that were investigated as part of the safety study:

  • The flattening the sharp horizontal curves along US 10/WIS 441 between County P and County AP
  • The possibility of using roundabouts rather than signalized intersections within the County P, County AP, WIS 47, and Oneida Street interchanges

The US 10/WIS 441 Expansion study was conducted under the Major Highway Development Subprogram. The proposed improvements identified in the 2007 safety study and identified in the updated EA were approved by FHWA in 2010. The WIS 441 Tri-County Project was enumerated and included in the most recent budget.