WIS 22 Resurfacing, Shawano

Resurfacing of WIS 22 from County B to Zingler Road, Main Street to County BE

Project Overview

The project is a resurfacing type project programmed in order to improve the existing pavement driving surface and other deteriorated infrastructure. The existing asphaltic pavement is showing signs of deterioration with transverse and longitudinal cracking throughout. If no improvements are completed, the remaining pavement structure life will be significantly reduced. Other needs that are also present along the project include:

  • The existing box culvert at Murray Creek is deteriorating and in need of replacement and the guardrail does not meet current safety standards for crashworthiness.
  • The curb ramps do not meet ADA standards.
  • The existing railroad crossing surface is deteriorating and does not meet profile geometric standards through the crossing.
    • There are signals but no gates present at the crossing.

Most of the work will be improving sidewalk curb ramps, resurfacing the existing pavement, and replacing the box culvert at Murray Creek just east of Rusch Road. Crews will also replace the railroad crossing on WIS 22 in downtown Shawano. Work consists of grading, base, milling, asphalt pavement, culvert pipe, storm sewer, curb and gutter, concrete driveway, sidewalk, box culvert replacement, signs, and pavement markings.

At the completion of the project, sidewalk curb ramps will be improved and up to current standards.