WIS 22 (Main Street), Clintonville

13th Street through the WIS 156 intersection

Project Overview


WIS 22 between 13th Street and WIS 156/Green Tree Road
Clintonville, Waupaca County

Project information

The pavement on WIS 22 (Main Street) is nearing the end of it useful life and requires replacement. Underground utilities and storm sewer also need to be replaced.

The WIS 22 intersection with WIS 156/Green Tree Road has features that contribute to driver confusion and result in operational and safety concerns.

Planned mprovements

  • Replace the pavement, curb and gutter, sidewalk, storm sewer and street lighting.
  • Widen the roadway by one foot on each side between 13th Street and WIS 156/Green Tree Road to accommodate bike lanes.
  • Extend new sidewalk along both sides of WIS 22 to the WIS 156/Green Tree Road intersection.
  • Realign 16th Street to improve vision for motorists.
  • Upgrade the intersection of WIS 22 and WIS 156/Green Tree Road to an all-way stop controlled intersection.
  • Realign WIS 156 and Green Tree Road at the intersection with WIS 22 so the two side roads are directly across from each other.

The water main and sanitary sewer systems will also be replaced.