WIS 19/WIS 113 Intersection

Town of Westport, Dane County

Project Overview

The proposed safety project will replace the current intersections of WIS 19/WIS 113 and County I with a modern multi-lane roundabout. Due to the high rate of crashes at the location, this project qualified for Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) funding. The proposed design reduces the number of intersections from three to one. The proposed improvement will provide safer operations to motorists and reduce congestion at the intersection. A few key features of the proposed roundabout are listed below:

  • Dual-lane entries provided on all approaches except County I
  • The westbound approach on WIS 19 would be expanded from a single lane to two lanes, and the northbound and eastbound approaches would remain as two lanes approaching the intersection
  • A full bypass lane would be provided for eastbound and northbound right turn movements
  • Project overview
  • News Release – Work on WIS 19/113 intersection begins Monday

Construction Staging

Stage 1 & 2
In stage 1, WIS 19 and WIS 113 will be widened to shift traffic for future stages. During stage 2, a temporary intersection will be construction between the southbound WIS 113 roadway and westbound WIS 19 roadway. A temporary signal will be installed at this newly constructed intersection. The new intersection will allow the majority of the roundabout to be constructed without traffic.

Stage 3
In stage 3, the temporary intersection will be operational. The majority of the roundabout will be constructed. At the start of this stage, County I will be detoured for the remainder of the project.  It is anticipated that stage 3 will begin in the middle of May.

Stage 4
In stage 4, traffic is now shifted into the roundabout and the remainder of the roundabout is constructed. Westbound WIS 19 traffic will utilize a crossover constructed in stage 3 to enter the roundabout.

Stage 5
In stage 5, the temporary crossover along WIS 19 will be removed and the project will be complete. It is anticipated the project will be complete by October 1.

An overview of the completed project can be found here.

Overview of current construction stage: