WIS 170, WIS 128 – County D

 St. Croix and Dunn counties

Project Overview

Construction includes:

  • Milling the existing pavement on WIS 170 from WIS 128 to WIS 79 and overlaying it with asphalt.
  • Recycling the existing pavement from WIS 79 to County D and overlaying it with asphalt.
  • Reconstruction the intersection of WIS 170 and WIS 79 in Boyceville.
  • Rehabilitating the WIS 170 bridge over Tiffany Creek northwest of Downing.
  • Replacing or extending culvert pipes or equipping them with end walls.
  • Installing traffic signals at the WIS 170 and northbound WIS 79 intersection.
  • Increasing the width of paved shoulders along WIS 170 to a minimum of 3 feet.
  • Replacing guardrail.