WIS 164 (County Q to County E)

Washington County

Project Exhibits

WIS 164 and WIS 167 Roundabout Lighting:

During improvement projects, WisDOT strives to be cognizant of the surrounding environment in which it interacts with. Regarding this particular project, there have been questions on the potential impact additional street lighting would have in a rural setting.

As planned, this roundabout was designed around the minimum allowable light levels. Please note the lights being installed will be LED and have zero Up-lighting. This will reduce the brightness impact to the night sky.

The lighting extends onto the approaching roadways due to the posted speed limit (45 mph on WIS 167 and 50 mph on WIS 164). The posted speed limit dictates the length of the splitter (median) islands and affects the length of the transition lighting. Transition lighting is implemented to allow the users eyes to adjust from the non-illuminated to the illuminated roadway surface. It also illuminates the conflict point caused by the curb and gutter that surrounds the splitter islands.

Linked below is the Wisconsin Roundabout Lighting Policy and Design Guidelines from WisDOT’s Traffic Engineering, Operations & Safety Manual. This gives additional details about how the Department designs roundabout lighting and includes the worksheet with the design values used for the light levels at this particular roundabout.

WIS 164 / WIS 167 Roundabout Lighting Location Exhibit

Wisconsin Roundabout Lighting Policy


Public Involvement Meetings:

The project team held public meetings to discuss design plans, construction operations and schedule. The following exhibits were shared with the public to help convey this project’s delivery.

Public Involvement Meeting: March 5, 2019:

Public Involvement Meeting: September 6, 2018: