Verona Road (US 18/151) Project

Fitchburg and Madison, Dane County

Project Overview

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) is overseeing a multi-year reconstruction project that will improve Verona Road (US 18/151), a heavily-used highway in Fitchburg and Madison. The project is divided into two stages:

Stage 1  Completed on November 18, 2016

Stage 2

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The Verona Road (US 18/151) corridor is operating at unacceptable levels of service with crashes occurring more often than on comparable highways across the state. After the proposed improvements, crashes and delays will be reduced; biking and walking accommodations will be provided; and safety and convenience will be improved.

As traffic volumes on the corridor grows, congestion related crashes increase. Between 2006 and 2008, there were 342 crashes on Verona Road from the Beltline to County PD, two to three times the statewide average for a similar corridor. Most crashes occur at intersections.

Mobility and efficiency

Increased traffic volumes and congestion along Verona Road (US 18/151) result in significant delays and backups during peak travel times. With the proposed improvements, mobility will be improved and capacity will provide better access to local neighborhoods and businesses, and enhanced mobility for local and regional travelers.

Without corrective action, future travelers will experience deteriorating driving conditions within the corridor, including significantly reduced speeds and worsening congestion. Crashes and other traffic events will routinely result in extensive backups and excessive delays.

View the environmental documents from the Verona Road (US 18/151) Study.