US 51, Woodruff/Arbor Vitae

US 51, Woodruff/Arbor Vitate, 3rd Avenue to Tuckaway Drive

Project Overview

The objective of the project is to improve traffic operations and safety along US 51 and at the US 51/WIS 47 intersection. Other items to address include:

  • The pavement and the curb and gutter are deteriorating.
  • The storm water drainage system is undersized and requires repair.

Planned improvements

  • Reconstruct US 51 from 3rd Avenue to Tuckaway Drive as a five-lane road (two lanes in each direction, separated by a center turn-lane), transitioning to the existing four-lane, undivided roadway
  • New pavement structure, curb and gutter, and storm sewer
  • Some new sanitary sewer and water main
  • Improved intersection configuration with updated traffic signals at US 51/WIS 47
  • Addition of enhanced bike and pedestrian facilities throughout the corridor to provide for multi-modal users (includes sidewalks and on-street bicycle accommodations)
  • Install new LED street light system along US 51
  • Replacement of Arrowhead Creek and both Little Muskie Creek drainage structures