St. Croix Crossing Loop Trail

Connecting Houlton, Wisconsin and Stillwater, Minnesota via a 5-mile trail system


Summer 2018 Loop Trail Photos

Main Trailhead grading.
Park and ride connecting trail base aggregate
Main Trailhead parking lot construction




Main Trailhead construction
Planted river birch trees
Planting trees near the new bridge
Constructing the slope paving beneath the WIS 35 overpass

Fall 2017 Loop Trail Photos

Aggregate base being placed on the corner of Hawk Street South and Snow Road
Grading of Park and Ride area
Graded Park and Ride area
Grading of Park and Ride infiltration basin
Park and Ride lot and connecting trail with gravel surface


















Fall 2016 Loop Trail Photos

Main Trailhead
Main Trailhead
Pedestrian Underpass
Main Trailhead
Loop Trail