South Towne Drive/W. Broadway bridge over US 12/18 (Madison Beltline)

Madison, Dane County

Traffic impacts/detour routes

Turning movements will be restricted at the South Towne Drive interchange.

  • The eastbound off ramp will maintain full functionality throughout the project.
    • Tonight (Friday, May 8) traffic on the eastbound Beltline off ramp will be split
      • Right turn movements for South Towne Drive will use the new right turn lane
      • Left turns will continue to use the temporary inside lane to proceed north onto Broadway
  • The other three ramps will only allow right turns.
    • For instance westbound off ramp from US 12 will only be able to turn right at South Towne Drive.

Map of turn restrictions

*Sidewalk will need to be added along the west side of South Towne Drive, to accommodate pedestrians during construction staging.