I-94 North-South Freeway Project

Business Toolkit

Through communication and cooperation, businesses can not only survive, but thrive, when road construction comes to town.

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) recognizes that businesses located in work zones have special needs. It’s critical that customers have access to businesses and that they continue to visit them, regardless of any road work inconvenience.

“In This Together” is a WisDOT program aimed at businesses affected by road construction. Visit the In This Together program’s Web site for ideas and examples of how businesses can not only survive, but thrive, during a construction project. The program includes a workbook and case studies that demonstrate techniques that have been successfully used in communities throughout Wisconsin. This program is offered to business and community leaders as an idea source as they plan for road construction in their area.

The I-94 N-S Freeway Project has project specific tools available that we can customize for your business. These include directions sheets, brochures, and coordinating signage. Several examples are shown below.

Examples from I-94 N-S Freeway Project

Direction Sheets
In This Together

Click on the video link below for information on how WisDOT and businesses along the I-94 North-South corridor have worked together to minimize impacts during construction.