I-94 North-South Freeway Project

Traffic Mangement

A Transportation Management Plan (TMP) was created for the I-94 North-South Freeway Project. This plan identifies strategies that help facilitate planning, managing, operating and evaluating work zone traffic safety and traveler mobility. The project team will be implementing TMP strategies including:

Traffic control


Transportation operations

  • Coordinate with WisDOT’s State Traffic Operations Center (STOC)
  • Improve intersection capacity on key alternate routes
  • Modify signal timing and coordinate signals on detours/alternate routes
  • Provide extra buses during peak traffic periods for MCTS routes affected by construction
  • Coordinate work with other adjacent construction projects
  • Provide additional crossing guards for schools in the project area

Public information and outreach

Work Zone
  • Provide a Web site with up-to-date work zone and closure information
  • Host public meetings and discussion forums
  • Focused outreach to trucking companies and local businesses
  • Newsletters and other printed project updates

Incident management

  • Create an Incident/Crisis Communication Plan (ICCP) to manage the flow of emergency responder and project personnel communications during a crisis or emergency situation
  • Provide dedicated law enforcement in the project area
  • Coordinate with and inform local police and fire departments