I-94 North-South Freeway Project

Connected and Autonomous Vehicle Technology

WisDOT is committed to furthering the use of connected and autonomous vehicle (CAV) technologies to enhance our transportation system.

‘Connected vs. Autonomous’

Connected vehicles, or CVs, wirelessly exchange safety and traffic information with other vehicles, roadway infrastructure and personal devices. Automated vehicles, or AVs, are self-driving vehicles that may range from some level of human control to no human control (fully autonomous).


CAV technologies have the potential to significantly reduce millions of accidents every year. CAVs, associated roadway infrastructure and data enable traffic mangers to keep traffic moving smoothly and users to plan the most efficient, time-saving and greenest commute.

Wisconsin as Technology Leader

As one of 10 U.S. Department of Transportation designated AV Proving Grounds, Wisconsin is at the forefront of these transformative technologies. This will enable efficient and effective testing of CAV technology, field devices, and vehicles prior to implementation on Wisconsin roadways.

Unique Opportunities for Wisconsin

The I-94 North/South Freeway Project and local road improvements in southern Racine County present unique opportunities to use CAV technologies that address real needs. Safe, reliable operation of autonomous vehicles in Wisconsin will require many elements to function as a system.

Transportation infrastructure-related system elements likely will include signage and markings, high definition mapping, roadside units, and communications systems; each of which will interface with vehicle-based components and subsystems.

WisDOT plans to submit a future request for federal Infrastructure for Rebuilding America, or INFRA, grant program funds to enable CAV functionality along the I-94 North/South corridor and adjacent roads.