I-94 North-South Freeway Project

Community Outreach

The I-94 North-South Freeway Project is a major effort that requires especially close ties between WisDOT, project engineers and planners, and the community. The primary aim of our community outreach effort is to minimize the impacts of construction. Our goals include:

  • Maintain optimal traffic flow on mainlines and on alternate routes; quickly identify and remedy conditions that impair traffic flow
  • Make information on ramp closures, traffic conditions and construction staging readily available to the public through a number of outlets
  • Minimize the impacts of construction on neighborhoods
  • Maintain communications with citizens, local government, businesses and business associations, media, property owners, elected officials, civic groups, utilities
  • Maintain a dialogue with the community through public meetings, newsletters, the project Web site, and other special events

We need your feedback

No one knows conditions on roads and in neighborhoods better than the people who live with those conditions every day. If there are problems, your comments will help us identify them and deal with them quickly.

  • Are there problems on the freeway or on an alternate route?
  • Are there problems at an intersection or other location?
  • Can traffic signals be adjusted to move traffic better?
  • Issues with vehicles making left turns?
  • Safety issues?
  • Excessive noise, dust or other conditions?

Access the Newsroom for the latest news or send an e-mail and share your comments.