I-39/90 Expansion Project

Illinois state line to Madison, Dane and Rock counties

Rock County Stakeholder Advisory Committee

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  • Ensure that future investments on state construction projects benefit area residents, communities, and key stakeholders.
  • Assist with guiding the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) and labor development activities.
  • Assist in developing strategies regarding employment barriers toward construction opportunities.
  • Represent exciting opportunities for community participants to contribute toward the project while a part of the decision-making process in Rock County.

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Rock County Stakeholder Advisory Committee Members

 Greg Boysen     City of Beloit; Public Works Director
 Michele Carter     WisDOT/OBOEC, DBE Program Chief
 Dan Cunningham     Forward Janesville Inc., Vice President of Government Relations and Education
 Sheila De Forest     City of Beloit, Councilor
 Bill Dionne     Operating Engineers, IUOE Local 139
 Vincent Fisher     WisDOT/OBOEC, Equal Opportunity Specialist
 Jennifer Fogarty     WisDOT/OBOEC, Labor Development Specialist
 Matt Grove     WTBA, Director of Construction
 Julie Harkinson     Harkinson Consulting, LLC; I-39/90 Labor Development Specialist
 Lynn Jones     Community Action Inc., Employment and Training Director
 Andrea Loeffelholz     Department of Workforce Development, Bureau of Apprentice Standards
 Amy Loudenbeck     State Representative, District 31
 Jennifer Marks     Forward Service Corporation, TrANS Provider
 Gary Martindale     FHWA, Civil Rights Program Manager
 Lori Miller     Forward Service Corporation, TrANS Provider
 Paul Ndon     WisDOT/OBOEC, Trucking Utilization Specialist
 Walter Knight     Rock County Opportunities Industrialization Center (OIC)
 Erika Rebout     Rock Road Companies, Inc., Benefits Manager & EEO Coordinator
 Janis Ringhand     State Senator, District 15
 Rosalind Roberson     DBE Program Office, Support Services Manager
 Debbie Schanke     City of Madison, DWD Bureau of Apprentice Standards
 Kim Schauder     WisDOT, I-39/90 Project Supervisor
 Greg Shelton     Rock Road Companies, Inc.
 Rhonda Suda     Southwest Wisconsin Workforce Development Board, Executive Director/CEO
 Randy Terronez     Rock County, Assistant to the County Administrator
 Megan Vaxman     Rock Road Companies, Inc.
 Crystal Wilson     I-39/90 DBE Outreach Coordinator

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Time: First Tuesday; Quarterly; 4 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.

Location: Community Action Inc., 20 Eclipse Center (600 Henry Avenue); Beloit, WI


  • May 1, 2018

Past meetings

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Handouts and Presentations

 I-39/90 Project Overview   Terminology
 I-39/90 North Segment   Monopoly/Path to Design
 I-39/90 Central Segment   Opportunities & Barriers
 I-39/90 South Segment   Labor Fact Sheet
 2017 Construction Guide   Labor Overview (April 17, 2013)
 2017 Construction LET dates   Forward Service Corporation – TrANS overview