I-39/90 Expansion Project

Illinois state line to Madison, Dane and Rock counties

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Weekly Construction Update: August 10-14

Posted: August 7, 2020



All lane restrictions, road and ramp closures, and work operations are weather dependent and subject to change.

Two lanes remain open to traffic on I-39/90 (in each direction) during daytime hours and weekends. Access remains open to area businesses in the project area. Please continue to patronize the area businesses!

NOTE: Next week Monday through Friday, nightly single lane closures (8 p.m. – 5 a.m.) are planned on I-39/90 northbound and southbound in the following work zones, unless noted otherwise. Minor delays may occur during these lane closures.

NOTE: Only CLOSED roads are listed below; if a road is not listed, the road is OPEN.


I-39/90 and US 12/18 (Beltline) interchange area
County AB/Buckeye Road to south of the Beltline Interchange
Femrite Drive underpass
Anticipated construction completion: Fall 2021

  • I-39/90 traffic located on existing lanes through the Beltline interchange (Exit 142 A-B).
  • One lane CLOSED on westbound US 12/18 from Millpond Road to the I-39/90 southbound loop ramp.
    • The lane closure will continue throughout the 2020 construction season.
  • LONG-TERM CLOSURES: Starting Monday, July 13, the two Beltline interchange loop ramps will be CLOSED until mid-October 2020.
    • I-39/90 southbound exit loop ramp (Exit 142B) to eastbound US 12/18.
    • Westbound US 12/18 loop ramp (Exit 267A) to I-39/90 southbound.
    • Drivers should follow the signed detour route.
  • Nightly lane closures on the following interchange ramps from 8 p.m. to 5 a.m. Monday through Friday (August 10-14).
    • Eastbound US 12/18 ramp to I-39/90 northbound
    • I-39/90 southbound ramp to westbound US 12/18 (Beltline)
    • Be alert for crews and equipment in these areas.
  • I-39/90 and Beltline interchange construction operations:
    • Work continues on the new northbound I-39/90 bridge over Femrite Drive.
    • Construction to continue on the new northbound I-39/90 bridge over the northbound I-39/90 ramp to westbound US 12/18.
    • Construction continues on the new I-39/90 northbound bridges over westbound and eastbound US 12/18.
    • Nighttime shoulder widening including grading and asphalt paving.
    • Nighttime concrete base patching in southbound I-39/90 lanes and southbound to westbound US 12/18 ramp.

County AB to US 12/18 (Beltline) interchange
Siggelkow Road underpass
Anticipated construction completion: November 2020

  • I-39/90 traffic is shifted onto the new southbound concrete pavement between the US 12/18 (Beltline) interchange and County AB near McFarland.
    • Be alert for new traffic patterns through this area.
  • Nightly closure of the eastbound Beltline ramp to I-39/90 southbound (Exit 267A).
    • 10 p.m. to 3 a.m. Monday and Tuesday nights (August 10-11)
    • Alternate routes will be required.
  • Siggelkow Road under I-39/90 near McFarland is CLOSED until mid-October 2020.
    • Alternate local routes will be required.
  • I-39/90 construction activities include:
    • Crush and stockpiling existing I-39/90 concrete and asphalt pavement throughout the project limits.
    • Crews will set girders for the I-39/90 northbound bridge over Siggelkow Road.
    • Construction of a new box culvert under I-39/90 northbound. Install storm sewer and culverts.
    • Continue installing weigh-in-motion cameras and fiber optics.
    • Installation of storm sewer and erosion controls.


Kennedy Road to Rock River bridges, Janesville to Edgerton
Townline Road, County M and Newville Road underpasses
Anticipated construction completion: November 2020

  • All I-39/90 traffic shifted onto the southbound side from the Rock River bridges to just south of Townline Road.
    • Nighttime single lane closures will occur periodically throughout the week.
  • I-39/90 construction operations between Janesville and Edgerton.
    • Interstate paving to continue between County M and Newville Road.

WIS 26/Milton Avenue and US 14/Humes Road interchanges, Janesville
Anticipated construction completion: Fall 2021

  • I-39/90 northbound traffic is located on the newly expanded northbound Interstate lanes between the US 14/Humes Road and WIS 26/Milton Avenue interchanges.
    • Northbound Interstate traffic exiting at WIS 26/Milton Avenue (Exit 171 A) or US 14/Humes Road (Exit 171 B), follow the overhead signage and enter the lane system prior to the US 14 interchange.
    • Watch the navigation video.
  • I-39/90 southbound traffic will remain in the current configuration until early fall.
  • Nighttime lane closures on WIS 26/Milton Avenue northbound and southbound at Morse Street in Janesville.
    • 8 p.m. to 9 a.m. Wednesday and Thursday nights (August 12-13)
    • Plan ahead and be alert for slowdowns in this area.
  • Daily lane closures on Deerfield Drive between Mercy Health and the Ryan Road connection.
    • 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday (August 10-14)
    • Plan ahead and be alert for slowdowns in this area.
  • I-39/90 construction activities at the WIS 26/Milton Avenue and US 14/Humes Road interchanges.
    • Crews will continue grading work and stone placement in the I-39/90 northbound median next week.
    • Crews will continue work on Deerfield Drive at Ryan road next week. Work includes grading, stone placement, and storm sewer crews.
    • Mainline paving crews will continue concrete paving in the I-39/90 median next week.
    • Crews will begin paving asphalt shoulders and temporary asphalt ramps next week.
    • Crews will continue placing the 42 Inch median permanent barrier wall next week.
    • Crews will continue the installation of the new temporary traffic signals at the Morse Street and Kettering Street intersections with WIS 26.
    • Work will occur on WIS 26 for the temporary widenings at Morse Street
    • Crews will continue curb and gutter work at US 14 and southbound ramps next week.
    • Crews will start pouring sidewalk and curb ramps on Deerfield Drive next week.

Polymer overlays for I-39/90 bridge over the Union Pacific Railroad, Janesville

  • Nightly lane closures on I-39/90 northbound and southbound, south of the WIS 11/Avalon Road interchange (Exit 177) in Janesville.
    • 8 p.m. to 5 a.m. Monday through Friday (August 10-14)
    • Be alert for slowdowns in this area.
  • Short-term lane closures on WIS 11/Racine Street bridge over I-39/90 in Janesville.
    • 4 a.m. Thursday (August 13) until 8 p.m. Friday (August 14)
    • Be alert for lane shifts through this area.
  • Watch for lane shifts near the bridges, including crews and equipment near the travel lanes.
  • Learn about the polymer overlay process


Beloit Rest (rest area 22), north of the Illinois State Line
Anticipated construction completion: Late October 2021

  • The Beloit Rest Area/Wisconsin Welcome Center is CLOSED until late October 2020.
    • Access at the I-43/WIS 81 interchange (Exit 185) remains OPEN to area restaurants, gas stations and lodging.
    • The La Prairie Safety Weight Enforcement Facility (SWEF), north of the County S/Shopiere Road interchange (Exit 183), remains OPEN.
    • View other rest area locations across Wisconsin.
    • Read the rest area operations.
      • Grading and pavement removals for the new truck parking lot.

I-39/90 expansion and I-43 reconstruction (Illinois state line to Hart Road; County X/Hart Road to Freeman Parkway), Beloit
Anticipated construction completion: Fall 2021

  • TRAFFIC ALERTI-43 southbound CLOSED and detoured nightly at the I-39/90 interchange in Beloit.
    • 7 p.m. to 5 a.m. Monday night through Wednesday night (August 10-13)
    • Signed detour route: I-39/90 north to the County S/Shopiere Road interchange (Exit 183) to travel back to the I-43/WIS 81 interchange – or continue south on I-39/90.
    • Access to Beloit from I-39/90 northbound must use the Shopiere Road interchange to turn around and use Exit 185.
    • All other ramps/turn movements will remain OPEN at the I-43 interchange.
  • All I-39/90 traffic is shifted onto the existing southbound lanes from Colley Road to Hart Road.
    • Access remains OPEN to local businesses.
  • I-43 traffic is located on the new WIS 81 lanes between I-39/90 and Gateway Blvd.
    • One lane remains OPEN each way. Watch for lane shifts and crossovers.
    • Be alert for construction equipment as bridge construction is taking place within the interchange area.
    • I-39/90 traffic must use Exit 185 to access I-43 or WIS 81/Milwaukee Road (view the navigation map).
  • I-39/90 and I-43 construction operations near Beloit:
    • Structure construction of the new interchange bridges will continue. Steel girder erection will continue through September. Watch for ramp and lane closures.
    • Work has started on the reconstruction of the I-39/90 northbound lanes from Colley Road to Hart Road.
    • Concrete pavement for the new northbound and southbound lanes of I-39/90 will continue.