I-39/90 Expansion Project

Illinois state line to Madison, Dane and Rock counties

Project Team Contacts

Due to the size and magnitude of the 45-mile corridor of I-39/90, the project is separated into three segments (north, central and south) for design purposes. This multi-team approach keeps the project more manageable and allows the individual teams to focus on specific areas and concerns.

The primary project contacts are:

John Vesperman, P.E.
Project Chief
john.vesperman@dot.wi.gov | (608) 884-1221
Emmanuel Yartey, P.E.
Construction Project Manager
emmanuel.yartey@dot.wi.gov | (608) 884-7131
Steven Theisen
Project Communications Manager
steven.theisen@dot.wi.gov | (608) 884-1230
Jamie Grainger, P.E.
Construction Project Manager
jamie.grainger@dot.wi.gov | (608) 206-7829
Scott Schoenmann, P.E.
Project Supervisor
scott.schoenmann@dot.wi.gov | (608) 246-3848
Adam Kopp, P.E.
Construction Project Manager
adam.kopp@dot.wi.gov | (608) 884-7483
Rich Cannon, P.E.
Project Supervisor
richard.cannon@dot.wi.gov | (608) 884-1160
Mark Vesperman, P.E.
North Segment Design Project Manager
mark.vesperman@dot.wi.gov | (608) 884-1227
Kim Schauder, P.E.
Project Supervisor
kimberly.schauder@dot.wi.gov | (608) 884-1222
Derek Potter, P.E.
Central Segment Design Project Manager
derek.potter@dot.wi.gov | (608) 884-7135
Jim Buschkopf, P.E.
Corridor Design Project Manager
james.buschkopf@dot.wi.gov | (608) 884-7133
Steve Marshall, P.E.
South Segment Design Project Manager
steve.marshall@dot.wi.gov | (608) 884-7134
Mark Sponem, P.E.
Corridor Construction Project Manager
mark.sponem@dot.wi.gov | (608) 884-1174

Wisconsin Department of Transportation
Southwest Region Project Field Office

111 Interstate Blvd.
Edgerton, WI 53534
(608) 884-1234 | i39-90Project@dot.wi.gov
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