I-794 Lake Freeway Bridges

Milwaukee County

Project Overview

Project location

I-794 Lake Freeway, from the Milwaukee River to Lincoln Memorial Drive, in the city of Milwaukee.

proposed improvements

  • Application of a thin polymer overlay to 6 bridge decks. The primary purpose of the thin polymer overlay is to seal the bridge deck riding surface to help extend the life of the bridges.
  • Traffic control, pavement parking, and erosion control.
  • High friction surface treatment, which will be installed on the eastbound exit ramp from I-794 to the Milwaukee Lakefront.

traffic impacts

Overnight ramp and lane closures are to be expected during construction. Any temporary lane restrictions or ramp closures are scheduled to occur during nightly off-peak hours to help minimize traffic impacts.


Work is anticipated to begin the week of July 6 and be complete mid-August, 2020.