WIS 46, Snow Street - York Park entrance

Amery, Polk County

Project Overview

Between Snow Street and the entrance to York Park, the WisDOT project will:

  • Resurface WIS 46 (Keller Avenue).
  • Reduce the number of traffic lanes to one lane on each side with a two-way left-turn lane (TWLTL) in the center by adding new lane markings during resurfacing.
  • Upgrade the traffic signal systems at the intersections of Broadway Street East (County F) and Birch Street to meet current standards.
  • Replace curb ramps throughout the project to comply with the Americans With Disabilities Act.

In addition, the city of Amery has received a federal grant for the replacement of municipal utilities. That project will:

  • Design and rebuild WIS 46 (Keller Avenue) from Broadway Street East to Hyland Street.
  • Replace utilities, including sanitary sewer and water main.

The projects are being coordinated together to minimize overlap of construction activities.