Project overview

This 15 mile project will rehabilitate bridges both on and over I-43 in Ozaukee County, from Sauk Road to the Sheboygan/Ozaukee County Line.  The project will also replace the inside and outside shoulders along both NB and SB I-43 from County D to the north county line.

This stretch of I-43 serves as an important link between the Greater Milwaukee Area, Green Bay, and other destinations in northern Wisconsin.  It is a major regional route for tourism, special events and commerce. Bridge rehabilitation and shoulder reconstruction is required in this area so this vital link can be maintained.

This project will rehabilitate 11 bridges on and over I-43, and construction will take place in 2013 and 2014. The bridge work includes bridge deck replacements, concrete bridge deck overlays, bridge painting, and box culvert repairs. 

The work taking place in 2013 includes most of the I-43 shoulder reconstruction, as well as the rehab of 4 bridges over I-43. This includes the bridge deck replacement of the WIS 32/County H bridge over I-43 (north of downtown Port Washington), which will be staged in halves with traffic reduced to 1 lane in each direction over the bridge. The reconstruction of this bridge will also require overnight closures of I-43 for several nights during mid-July and again in early September to facilitate the bridge deck removal. During these overnight closures, traffic on I-43 will be diverted through the interchange exit and entrance ramps, and WIS 32/County H traffic over the bridge will be detoured. 

The 2014 construction includes the overlay of 5 bridges on I-43, repairs at 2 box culverts, and painting of 4 bridges on and over I-43.

Schedule of work

Mid-July 2013 – Late November 2013

  • Monday-Friday lane closures northbound and southbound, from 1 mile south of County D to the north Ozaukee County line (completion in mid-October)
  • WIS 32/County H over I-43 reduced to 1 lane in each direction (completion in late November)
  • Several overnight closures of I-43 at the WIS 32/CTH H interchange in mid-July and early September; traffic re-routed through the interchange ramps

Late April 2014 – July 3, 2014

  • Northbound I-43 traffic reduced to 1 lane between North Woods Road and Lake Drive
  • Southbound I-43 traffic reduced to 1 lane between Jay Road and North Woods Road

July, 2014 – Eary August , 2014

  • Northbound I-43 traffic reduced to 1 lane between North Woods Road and Lake Drive
  • Southbound I-43 traffic reduced to 1 lane between Lake Drive and North Woods Road

Mid-June 2014 – Sept 5, 2014

  • County LL closed at I-43 and detoured


Bridge locations

  • Sauk Road over I-43 (2013 deck replacement - Sauk Road closed)
  • North Woods Road over I-43 (2013 overlay - North Woods Road closed; 2014 paint)
  • CTH B over I-43 (2013 overlay - CTH B closed)
  • WIS 32/CTH H over I-43 (2013 deck replacement - WIS 32/CTH H reduced to 1 lane in each direction; 2014 paint)
  • I-43 SB over CTH LL and I-43 NB over CTH LL (2014 overlay and paint)
  • I-43 SB over Lake Drive and I-43 NB over Lake Drive (2014 overlay)
  • I-43 SB over Jay Road (2014 overlay)
  • I-43 at two separate crossings over Sucker Creek (2014 box culvert repairs)